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Anonymous asked: aaah i know exactly how you feel right now. missing my love as well. and it sucks :(

Awh I’m sorry, it does suck, I’m really craving naked cuddles tonight and he’s so far away. :/ x


Had the beach pretty much to ourselves yesterday, so I decided to show off my new nipple bars!


We found a way up onto the roof today..gonna have fun real soon..

This week is a delicate time for N & I — N has a new lover, and I’m reconnecting with an old one. No matter how much we like or love another person though, we always come back feeling more strongly than ever that we are meant to be. After three years, we know each other’s bodies so well that I feel like sometimes we could merge together. But we are separate people, and exploring our love of others is our way of keeping ourselves.
- A & N

I think being able to support someone no matter what is an incredibly important part of showing someone how much you care, even if that means letting each other explore other people. If sharing is best for both of you than I hope it works for as long as you want and you continue to get together too. this photo is just to fucking cute, I adore how he is holding her toe between his, and how close and together their bodies and hands are holding one another. Thanks very much for sharing your submission with us. A very impressive first.