cumsuckmydick asked: hi you have a really good tumblr, I'd like to chat with you. I could be your sex slave (I'm a guy and I can be dom or sub whatever you prefer) I look forward to receive sex orders and advices I do anything you want kisses

No thanks! I already have my sex slave/master/lover! :) x



Booty preview of a set I shot with Rosa before she left America. God bless Germany for this butt.

Anonymous asked: Do you prefer clitoral or vaginal stimulation? Have you ever squirted?

Bit of both, depends on the mood I’m in. And no I haven’t. x

Anonymous asked: My girl is a virgin/never come before. I go down on her sometimes and she shakes around a lot, also when I finger (rub) her/grind etc... what's the best way to work up to actual fingering/etc that's comfortable for her? Also any tips on making someone come if they haven't? Should I eat her out longer?etc?

Basically you just have to keep trying different things and communicating with her. There’s no rush to all this. You experiment and find out what she likes and within time it will happen. Talk to her about it and about what she wants. I can’t speak for her and every girl is different. x

Anonymous asked: I always orgasm when I masturbate, I've only orgasmed with my boyfriend a few times. This makes him really feel like he's doing a bad job; he's totally not, it's amazing, I just can never reach orgasm. I think it's more mental for me but I don't know what to do :/

I tend to be the same. If my heads in the wrong place I generally can’t orgasm, but the sex can still be great. I don’t really worry about it because for me I enjoy the sex and don’t feel I need to orgasm every time. I always tell my boyfriend though so he knows I’m okay and it was still amazing. I never fake or lie to him. And I think he understands that an orgasm isn’t just the goal every time. Sometimes the sex I have without an orgasm can be better and feel better! x


by Camille Carnevale




by Matteo Teti


Ashley II by Ivan Trejo

“I am sure there is Magic in everything, only we have not sense enough to get hold of it and make it do things for us” (2013)
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