"Bottoms up"
Julie and Verronica Divine. Portland. 2014. Leica M6 77.
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Talk about the end of something in your life.

I’m going to talk about the end of school, because the end of school was when my life picked up and changed. The bullying finished. I changed myself and gained more confidence. I still have a long way to go though. But really the end of school meant the start of my life. I was able to come out and be myself a lot more and not dread every single day. Things got better. x


Not at all pajama related, but I thought you might enjoy nonetheless.
I wasn’t going to post this because it’s just silly and was to tease my boyfriend that I made his jumper look sexy. But hey it feel like posting it. X

MΛG!CK by thisisthecity on Flickr.