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Vex Voir by Joe M/tmedia

dphot9 asked: i wish to pound ur pussy right now like hell .. i will fuck u so hard that u will not be able to walk properly for few days.. i want be damn rough .. and i hope u would love it i want fuck ur both holes damn spreading ur legs n pussy lips.. whats the craziest place u had sex at?

What even is this?


Timeout by Heart

i actually hate my body today but let’s try that body positivity i preach

It’s like half of tumblr buys their bedsheets at Ikea. Beautiful image, regardless.

dphot9 asked: u like creampie?

I wouldn’t say I like it. Boyfriend often comes inside me but it’s pretty gross when it comes out, I’d rather if it didn’t aha. X

Anonymous asked: I need advice here please! So I've been with my bf for 8 months, I've never loved someone in my life as I love him, and he really loves me too. The problem is I miss my old life and meeting other people, do you think this is a normal phase in any relationship? Is it weird that even if I love him like no one else and I enjoy every moment with him I want to be single?

I think there is a lot of people who go through that and you just have to decide what you want. Maybe it’s time to be single again or maybe you need to just let it go to be with your boyfriend. Or you could discuss things like open relationships with him but that’s obviously a bit risky as to whether he’d get offended. But it’s normal so don’t worry, you just have to decide. x

Anonymous asked: Does the fact I like to be rimmed and fingered mean I'm gay?

Nope, only being attracted to and wanting relationships with the same gender would make you potentially gay. Stop worrying about label and sexuality and just enjoy being you. x

Anonymous asked: Maybe 4 kids?

I don’t think I’d manage 4, I’d probably aim for 2 but maybe 3. x

mygamemyrules asked: Cuddle club?

Is my submission day which is Monday. So all submissions I get throughout the week get posted on this day. There’s a link at the top of my blog to read more about it. x