Muse: Fran
Photo By: Andres Latorre  IG: Shot_by_andres


Kacie in the Nomad bath #3.
Lo-res 120 film scan.

Thigh high socks and boyfriends sweater 

Anonymous asked: ok so this is a long and difficult story so I'll shorten it but I dated this guy for 2 years and he treated me like shit it was long distance and he wouldn't ever talk to me and we broke up over the summer and it sucked but I moved on and I've been dating this guy for 2 months and he's wonderful I've known him for a year and he's just great but I still talk to my ex and I've forgiven him he wants to be something I don't what do I tell him because I still love and care about him??? thanks ily💕

I don’t really know much about the situation as a whole but I would maybe suggest ending things completely with your ex. If he wants more but you don’t then it’s better for him to leave you be so he can move on. You may have forgiven him but that doesn’t mean you have to stay friends. Sometimes things are best completely leaving in the past. And your new relationship sounds like it’s going great so you should concentrate on that. Don’t risk what you have now. x

Anonymous asked: What are your 2 favorite positions?

Umm probably from behind and me lying on my back next to him curled around me with my feet on his legs. That ones hard to describe aha. x



Joe!Okay so it took a while to submit but I couldn’t decide what kind of photo to send you! I wanted something amazing, but I don’t think I quite achieved that. I took this today, and I love it because I am spewing with happiness right now. I hardly ever feel so good, today is a good day indeed! It’s not visible by a facial expression, but I am content and happy here. Hopefully you enjoy it!-Nova

Indeed I think you did, but I’m pretty sure every image you post is something amazing. I’m glad to read that you are spewing happiness! Though that does sound potentially messy. I love this, I definitely enjoy it and yay! I finally got a submission from morsures-damour!

Me on my dash!

Anonymous asked: Do you enjoy seeing sexy girls be sexy? Or are you just about the sexy dudes?

I’m only sexually attracted to guys. I just like pretty photos and naked bodies. x


~I’m falling and there’s nobody to catch me~

The sun this morning was brilliant

aurore - 09.2014 brussels

brianbb80 asked: Do you like to suck dick

I like giving boyfriend pleasure. x